Option 1

Advanced Stem Cell Rx has Partnered with Credit-Links to provide our Patients with easy access to multiple credit options.
Just by answering a few basic questions, you will gain access to all the financing programs for which you pre-qualify.

Everyday, people look to obtain healthcare treatments that will improve their quality of life. As one of the nation’s leading medical financing services, Credit-Links is here to help more individuals afford those services.

The process is simple
  • Answer 5 Basic Questions.
  • Complete The Application.
  • See Your Credit Score & Results.
  • Pick a Lender and Program.

Follow the link below to apply

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Option 2

For over 18 years, M-lend Finance has offered patient and consumer financing services throughout the country.

Their options include interest free credit cards and low interest installment loans for various credit ratings up to 84 month terms and $100,000.

When selecting this option, you will be directed to an application form. The form is a brief request for financing. It will provide a quick overview of the applicant’s credit and lending needs. Once completed, the applicant will be sent an email with a more indepth application link to the lending option(s) that best fits the information provided.

The process is simple
  • Fill out the initial form.
  • Complete The Application sent by email.
  • Please follow the instructions included with the email.
  • Make sure you email or call us back with your results.

Follow the link below to apply

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For direct contact with M-Lend, please contact Account Manager Don Goldberg.

M~Lend Financial
888-474-6231 (phone)
888-464-6231 (fax)